Allthingsblue becomes a member of the HR Tech Valley ecosystem

The membership of the HR Tech Valley ecosystem will drive innovation for the allthingsblue diversity management tool and accelerate the product development to be HR 4.0 ready.

Leuven, 12 August 2019– allthingsblue, the Belgian start-up that gives organizations the tool to manage diversity, has been accepted as a member of HR Tech Valley.

Diversity is the key to innovation, and innovation is needed for organizations to manage diversity. Allthingsblue, is the innovative solution that helps organizations to generate, track, and measure diversity data, all in one single powerful SaaS platform. 
Powered by data and Artificial Intelligence, allthingsblue reveals blind spots and eliminates bias in your processes, brings insights and actions from previously untapped data to transform how we hire, retain, respect, appreciate, and manage talent. The same talent that then builds the most innovative solutions in the most thriving organizations. 

HR Tech Valley is an open innovation community that actively brings together HR Tech companies, their clients (HR Engagers) and HR Service Providers. By co-creating an environment and conditions, sharing knowledge and amplifying successes, HR Tech Valley facilitates these stakeholders who are accelerating HR 4.0 towards the end-user expectations of the Career Owner. 

Being part of an innovative HR community is key to fully understand the needs of HR and Diversity managers and develop a tool that makes their life easier. “We noticed that many companies sail blindly as they miss a view on their diversitydata. We made it our mission to build a tool that is both data-driven and scalable to entire organizations, to enable all managers to take the best decisions.” says Bart Adams, CTO of allthingsblue. “The partnership with HR Tech Valley brings us closer to the needs of our users and allows us to further build our ecosystem.” 

“The HR consumerization is blurring the lines between HR, marketing, communications, IT and Business. This phenomenon has a focus on the Employee Experience and is gradually creating an open market” says Hans Mangelschots, Business Manager, HR Tech Valley.
“There is an increasing demand for social and collaborative tools that – besides doing what they do – enable people to expand their Customer Experience and engagement into HR. With allthingsblue we have a new and unique member in our community filling a technology gap to accelerate the empowerment of the Career Owner.”

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