Join our CTO Bart Adams for his speaking slot at the “HR4.0 and the impact of AI” Conference

HR4.0 and the impact of AI, HR Public Conference, 4 October 2019, Leuven.

VAC, Dirk Boutsgebouw, Diestsepoort, 3000 Leuven or contact us.

We take over 80% of our decisions and actions unconsciously. And many of those are based on or introduce bias. For example, we tend to interpret a female job candidate reviewed as being “assertive” negatively, while assertiveness for men is considered a positive trait. What if we could uncover this bias? What if we could hijack our (unconscious) mind with an artificial one and eliminate this bias? This talk will discuss how data-driven approaches and AI are augmenting the workplace, with solutions for talent hiring and management, brand management, and much more. AI is driving a true revolution in the workplace. On the flipside, this talk will also go into the need to be conscious about the risks to avoid introducing or even amplifying bias.

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Bio Bart

Bart Adams is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at allthingsblue. allthingsblue is the digital platform for organizations to manage their diversity and inclusion project. Diverse companies produce about 20% more revenue from innovation compared to non-diverse ones. By utilizing automated data analysis, including deep learning, the allthingsblue platform uncovers and visualizes anomalies including bias, and suggests data-driven insights and actions.

Prior to co-founding allthingsblue, Bart was Chief Innovation Officer at Hexagon Geospatial, leading innovation efforts in high-performance data visualization and analysis. 

Bart holds an M.Sc. in Engineering from the University of Leuven for which he was awarded with the IBM Best Master’s Thesis price. He also obtained a Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Leuven and was a post-doctoral researcher at Stanford University with fellowships from the Fund for Scientific Research Flanders (FWO) and the Belgian American Educational Foundation (BAEF). His doctoral research was on data representations for high-performance visualization, animation, and simulation.

Bart is passionate about effective data analysis and beautiful visualizations and in translating technological innovations into customer-oriented benefits and stories that stick.