Birthdays and International Women’s Day…

Leuven, 08 March 2020 – Today is the 8th birthday of my youngest daughter Jozefien. Today is also International Women’s Day. 15 more years or so and She will start her professional career.
On the way there she will experience many hurdles I never realized she would have to take before I had daughters. Seeing them grow up made me open my eyes and see what happens on the work floor over and over again.

  • Double standards
  • Unfair pay
  • Sexism

It’s not a women’s only thing. It takes us all to change things for the better too.

  • Speak up
  • Mentor
  • Put women also in the spotlight

So what do I do to help change things? I challenge stereotypes over and over.

  • I ask them whether they think it’s OK that there are so few women CEO’s.
  • I show them the numbers such as pay gap that companies report. I ask them what they think about one reporting exactly the same salary for men and women. They now know it’s bs.
  • I talk about business models, startups, fund raising, different roles in a company,….
  • I talk about technology and how we are pushing things with
  • I explain why Lida Joly and I also founded allthingsblue and why such a tool is so necessary still these days.

Don’t wait until your daughters enter the workforce. Act now. Don’t let it take another 100 years or so.

Bart Adams, Father, Co-founder and CTO of allthingsblue