“Why would I replace the sky? Why would I recreate that perfect blue? What would I change it to?”

– Avicii

Everything is perfect. You have a strong management team, the company is doing well and business is growing. Why would you change things? Why would you dare to change things? And what would you change it to?

Why would you recreate that perfect blue?

What if you can grow your business by recreating that perfect blue? Look at your management team? Your product team? Your marketing team? All blue?

That’s our story. Be bold and try to recreate that perfect blue with allthingsblue. Maybe it shouldn’t be all blue. Maybe your teams should have different hues. Manage your diversity project as you would any high-risk and high-opportunity project. Give your organization the opportunity to increase your innovation revenue by another 73%.

That’s allthingsblue. That’s us.